p-ISSN: 1300-0551
e-ISSN: 2587-1498

Bihter Akınoğlu

Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Health Sciences, Dept. of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Ankara, Turkey

Keywords: Chondrocalcinosis, isokinetic strength training, physiotherapy


Chondrocalcinosis is defined as the accumulation of crystals of calcium pyrophosphate in the hyaline cartilage and fibrous tissue. A 24 years old tennis player referred to our clinic with chondrocalcinosis diagnosis, for conservative treatment. On admission, she had pain and difficulty in walking, stair climbing and sitting up, as well as weakness in front thigh muscles. High voltage galvanic stimulation, isokinetic strength training and home exercises were applied two days a week for six weeks. Following the treatment, there were significant improvements in her daily life activities and quadriceps muscle strength.

Cite this article as: Akinoglu B. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation interventions in the conservative treatment of chondrocalcinosis: A case report. Turk J Sports Med. 2017;52:111-5.