p-ISSN: 1300-0551
e-ISSN: 2587-1498

Erman Yükseltürk1, Hasan Erbay2, Mehmet Kutlu3

1Kırıkkale University, Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Kırıkkale, Turkey
2Kırıkkale University, Computer Engineering Department, Kırıkkale, Turkey
3İstanbul Gelişim University, School of Physical Education and Sports, İstanbul, Turkey

Keywords: Exercise, virtual platform, technology, internet


Regular sports activity is considered to be beneficial for life quality and health. On the other hand, regular sporting opportunities are not widespread, especially in developing countries. It may be possible to provide an alternative solution for physical activity in the control of a virtual instructor, without being physically in the same place, thanks to the facilities provided by technologies such as Internet and Kinect. In this respect, the three dimensional virtual sports platform Kinect was designed and developed. The different features of the platform are described, and the advantages of new technology achievement and possibilities of alternative sports practice are given.

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